VIRAL WAVE The third wave of Covid hits a new high as the surge in young people “spills over – spelling disaster for the NHS this winter”..


VIRAL WAVE The third wave of Covid hits a new high as the surge in young people “spills over – spelling disaster for the NHS this winter”..

THE third wave of Covid has hit a new high as the surge of young Britons begins to spill over.

That could spell disaster for the NHS this winter, experts warned.

Professor Tim Spector, Senior Scientist on the ZOE Covid Study App, said: “The UK seems to be slowly becoming aware of the fact that Covid cases are too high, but the reality is that they have been skyrocketing for months and have many countries us on their red list.

“Infections are still high among young people and seem to spread to 35 to 55 year olds.

“If those increases creep into those over 55, it could spell disaster for the NHS this winter.”

The UK is seeing 69,993 new cases every day, according to their data, where people log their symptoms and test results.

That’s a two percent decrease from last week’s numbers, but it’s still high.

Among the double vaccinated, it is believed that there are currently 18,817 new daily symptomatic cases in the UK.

Cases have been rising slowly for a few weeks, with 16,957 cases in the past week.

On average, one in 69 people in the UK currently has Covid, with cases increasing among 35- to 55-year-olds.

Prof. Spector said, “With cases this high, it is clear that herd immunity is not occurring and the risk is that most people will continue to believe they are safe if they have had Covid or a vaccine.

“ZOE data show that vaccination protection wears off over time and a natural infection alone offers only 64 percent protection.

Last week he warned that cases are rampant in schools, that it is a “game of chance” – the fear is that the elderly will be affected.

The surge in the older age group could be the parents of school-age children who contract Covid and bring them home.

And now the concern is that they are passing it on to their parents who may be at the end of their vaccinations.

The ONS said that secondary school students had the most cases of all ages just a few weeks after the children went back to school.

Prof. Kevin McConway, an emeritus professor of applied statistics at the Open University, said it was “an exceptionally high rate”.

Children can now get their Covid vaccine, and Prof. Spector said there is now more evidence pointing to the importance of vaccines.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health’s daily Covid cases reached the highest total in three months, with a further 42,776 registered infections.

The number is the highest number since July 21, when 44,104 people tested positive.

The decrease in deaths but the increase in cases is due to the UK’s employment rate reaching pre-Covid levels – as countless workers are returning to offices.

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