Is Seonghwa from Ateez on Stan Twitter? Atinys panic after the latest post from K-Pop Idol.


Is Seonghwa from Ateez on Stan Twitter? Atinys panic after the latest post from K-Pop Idol.

Fans suspect that Ateez’s Seonghwa anonymously tweets on Stan Twitter after re-sharing a fan post

Are our favorite idols lurking among us? While artists and their labels use Twitter for updates and promotions, Stan Twitter is the fun side of social media, where fandoms spice up their favorite idols, create memes, and essentially embody their uncensored selves. It’s hard to find your way around inside jokes or stan lingo unless you’re a fan … or if you happen to be the idol fans they are talking about. While most K-pop artists don’t want to venture anywhere near Stan Twitter, some do through anonymous accounts. And the latest suspect might be Seonghwa from Ateez.

Some idols openly interact with Stan Twitter, as evidenced by the Bambam of all GOT7 favorite meme users. From creating memes for his GOT7 members to sharing fan posts, Bambam is definitely on Stan’s Twitter. Fans also recognize certain idols at fan meetings via their Twitter accounts. Well, some Atinys (Ateez ‘fandom) were wondering if Ateez was on Twitter too, due to the occasional memes shared by members on their Fancafe (K-pop messaging forums). But Atinys is in a frenzy after Seonghwa re-shared a post from Stan on Twitter.

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During Seonghwa’s recent V Live, fans noticed his Ateez merch for having neatly showcased all of his group’s albums. Fans found it delightful and asked him to upload a picture of his shelf to Fancafe – a request he complied with. However, the photo was out of focus. Someone on Stan Twitter jokingly shared a tutorial on how Seonghwa can upload high quality photos. He took the tutorial that user @transforatz tweeted and uploaded it to Fancafe as a thank you.

Atinys is pleasantly surprised to see the Twitter user’s post and then share it again. Fans think this means that he has a Stan twitter account that he uses and is likely following user @transforatz. This has resulted in Atinys creating hilarious reaction memes on Twitter. One fan wrote: “Whenever it becomes obvious that Seonghwa or Hongjoong is seeing things on Twitter, I just want to hide my account.” Some Atinys wondered if they could find his account: “How do I find Seonghwa among 41.6k followers ? “

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