‘Cobra Kai’ star reveals he had ‘a problem with a scene’ from season 4.


‘Cobra Kai’ star reveals he had ‘a problem with a scene’ from season 4.

The fourth season of “Cobra Kai” will be available for streaming on December 31, 2021 on Netflix. Limited information was released about the upcoming season. However, during a recent panel at Planet Comicon 2021 in Kansas City, Martin Kove, who plays John Kreese, announced that he had tried to reassign a moment from the show’s fourth season with the help of his co-star, William “Billy” Zabka to write. who is known to portray Johnny Lawrence.

During a Planet Comicon panel in Kansas City in August 2021, a fan asked Martin Kove and William “Billy” Zabka if they “tend to be very strict about what is written in the script ”while filming“ Cobra Kai ”. Kove revealed that he “kept rewriting lines in movies and things.”

“I only recently stopped and I did because I think it was easier to learn if I change a word here and there,” Kove shared.

The 75-year-old actor then announced that “Billy and [he]had a problem with a scene just before the end of season 4. ”He stated that they“ rewrote the scene over the weekend ”. [and]sent it to the authors. ”However, the requested changes were not made to the script.

“The writers, you know, they gave us credit – ‘Yeah, it’s good, you write well, but let’s just keep it that way’ and we both had a problem with the scene and it came out of episode 10 and you know Season 4 and I’ve had the toughest time and it finally worked, I think, ”said Kove.

He then claimed that the show’s typists “really good ”and occasionally makes adjustments at the suggestion of an actor.

“Whenever we have a problem we can bring it to them and sometimes they say, ‘Okay, do it your way’ and you change a word here or there, but by and large their spelling is good, that is why everyone likes the show, ”said Kove.

Zabka then shared his thoughts on the line change on “Cobra Kai”.

“Our job is first and foremost that you are an actor, so your character doesn’t say things that you would say. So you could read a line and say, “Ah, it would be better to put it that way, it’ll get off my tongue better that way. It has the same meaning, but I want to do it that way. ‘ But that’s the requirement, that’s actually a cop-out, “said the 55-year-old.

He announced that he is giving the writers suggestions for the overall plot of his character.

“For me it’s not a word, it’s more of an idea and like that idea with – ‘I don’t think Johnny would do what I think Johnny – that’s too much.’ Then we repeat the whole thing, but as far as the words go, at least it’s pretty important to get it as it was written and then play with it. As for improvising, once you’re in your pocket you nail it, they say, ‘Just join in,’ ”said the actor.

During an interview with Gold Derby in May 2021, William “Billy” Zabka spoke about how the creators of “Cobra Kai” Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg approached him with the series. They stated that for those unfamiliar with the Karate Kid film franchise, the show might still be fun.

“They imagined it to me that, ‘Listen, if the Karate Kid didn’t exist, the show could still work. And we could call it Bad Sensei and this is about a guy who’s trying to work his old stuff out ‘and when they explained it that way, I immediately understood what they wanted because the’ Karate Kid ‘was 35 years ago, so and A lot of life happened in between. So we’re not going to do a sequel right away. We don’t copy anything. We managed to create a show that is brand new and relevant today, with the backstory being something that everyone already has an emotional connection to, ”said the actor.

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