Zach Wilson’s Mom Responds To His Request She Delete Her Instagram


New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has been fairly quiet ever since entering the NFL. His mother Lisa, meanwhile, has been very outspoken over the past few months.

Back in May, Lisa made headlines for going private on Instagram after making controversial comments about a trip to Disney World. She received a lot of criticism for her remarks and has been labeled a distraction by several NFL fans.

In an effort to take the heat off his mother, Zach asked Lisa to delete her Instagram account. On Thursday, she posted a lengthy video detailing her discussion with her son.

“People out there think that I embarrass my son,” Wilson said. “Has he asked me to take down my social media? He has before and he says ‘Mom, if it’s about money, I’ll give you money.’ I tell him ‘Zach, I don’t need your money.’ He says, ‘Mom, you don’t embarrass me but I can’t stand people treating my mom like crap.’”

Lisa then explained why she will not delete her Instagram account. She said her posts on social media have inspired a plethora of women to be courageous.

“If you saw the messages I receive every single day from women that started exercising again, women that are starting to cook for the first time ever, women who are changing their relationships with their husbands, women who tell me the only reason they’re getting out of bed is my Instagram. The only thing that kept them from taking a handful of pills is because something I said resonated with them. I refuse to abandon those people. I can take the heat. Bring it on.”

It doesn’t sound like Lisa will get rid of her Instagram account anytime soon.

As for Zach Wilson, he just has to focus on the things he can control. His first training camp with the Jets will begin in just a few weeks.


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