Zach LaVine’s Re-Signing With The Bulls Receives a Percentage From NBA Analyst.


The more Zach LaVine talks about the Chicago Bulls, his new teammates, and his excitement to try to build a winning team in the Windy City, the more likely it becomes that he will re-sign with the team after this season.

On my show, Heavy presents I’m Just Sayin with Brian Mazique, I recently spoke with Heavy NBA editor Sean Deveney, and the veteran NBA journalist didn’t just say LaVine is likely to return to Chicago; Deveney gave me a percentage that Bulls fans will likely love to hear.

According to an NBA analyst, Zach LaVine has a “90%” chance of staying with the Bulls next season.

LaVine and the Bulls were unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension this offseason. While it may be disappointing for Bulls fans, it was a foregone conclusion. LaVine’s contract would have cost him a year and close to $130 million, despite the fact that there’s a good chance he’ll be eligible for a supermax deal worth over $235 million over five years. Chicago could have freed up enough cap space to offer LaVine a five-year, $195 million extension, but that would have prevented them from signing Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, or Alex Caruso.

With the way the Bulls and LaVine have approached it, the team will be better over the next few years, while the player will maximize his earning potential if he continues on his current trajectory after a career year in 2020-21. Perhaps that’s why, when I asked Deveney for a percentage chance of LaVine staying on the roster next season, he said this.

“I’d say it’s around 90%,” Deveney said. “With everything that’s happened, I’m having a hard time picturing Zach [leaving].” When you think back to when he was first traded to Chicago, the team that he was traded to is no longer there; Denzel Valentine and Lauri Markkanen were the last two remaining players from that team. There have been three head coaches, a front-office change, and a complete roster turnover. ”

“He’s always said he wants to be here; he wants to be the guy they build everything around. In terms of the playoffs, he wants to end his own personal drought. He wants to be a guy who leads the way in Chicago. With this team, he’s in a position to do that without a doubt, so I’d be surprised if, after everything he’s been through, he [leaves]. He’s still young, but he’s been through a lot in his professional life. If he turned around and hit the free agent marker, I’d be shocked. Another thing to think about, Brian, is who will sign him. There won’t be a lot of free-agent cap space available next season. So I’d be surprised if Zach played anywhere other than Chicago after next season. ”

Here’s a look at the segment:

The Bulls Are Going All In for Next Season

There’s more wiggle room than some might think, but there’s no denying the Bulls have put a lot of money into the upcoming season. The amount of money spent on free agents Ball, DeRozan, and Alex Caruso was significant.

The money the team appears to be willing to pay LaVine would be the most lucrative contract in franchise history. The Bulls are banking on LaVine and the rest of the new Big 4 to deliver a postseason appearance and title contention within the next three years, regardless of how you look at it.

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