With Cam Newton, a Hall-of-Famer makes a bold prediction for the Patriots’ record.


What would the New England Patriots’ record be if Cam Newton were the starting quarterback after three weeks? It would be better than the team’s 1-3 record with rookie Mac Jones as the starter, according to Hall-of-Famer and Fox Sports personality Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe says he’s confident the Patriots will go 3-0 with Newton as the starter, but at the very least 2-1. Sharpe first broached the subject on Monday’s episode of FS1’s “Undisputed.” Sharpe provided some details to back up his prediction as a guest on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show. Many will dismiss any suggestion that the Patriots would be better off with Newton than with Jones, but Sharpe’s viewpoint isn’t absurd. Would Cam Newton Have Made a Difference in Week 1?

Even if you believe Newton isn’t an accurate downfield passer, there’s reason to believe his mobility and defensive impact aided the Patriots’ chances of beating the Dolphins in Week 1.

As it was, the Patriots were defeated 17-16 by the Miami Dolphins after running back Damien Harris fumbled on a potential game-winning drive. The Patriots had two drives stall inside the 15-yard line prior to Harris’ fumble, forcing New England to settle for field goals. Newton was dominant from that range last season, rushing for 12 touchdowns for

. What if Newton had been the quarterback? How would the playcalling have been different? With Newton providing another threat, the Patriots’ ground advantage (125 to 74 yards) appears to have grown even more. Jones hardly ever pushed the ball downfield in this game, so it’s safe to assume the Patriots would have won even if he hadn’t been on the field. If Newton had remained on the roster and started the season opener, they would have posed a serious threat.

Newton May Not Have Counted Against the Saints in Week 3

The New Orleans Saints annihilated the Patriots’ offensive line. Even if Newton had been the quarterback, this would have been a problem for New England.

Jones’ lack of mobility made it difficult for him to create anything, but there’s no guarantee the Patriots would have been able to run the ball effectively against the Saints. Sharpe is probably on to something, even if it sounds far-fetched.

With Newton, New England could be 2-1, but we’ll never know because the Jones era is in full swing.


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