Watch: Heated Debate Over Ohio House’s College Sports Bill


A partisan effort to add a controversial amendment to a bipartisan college sports bills in the state of Ohio has resulted in a very heated debate.

Last week, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed a bill that would pave the way for college athletes to profit from name, image and likeness (NIL). But according to, when the bill reached the Ohio House floor, an amendment was added that would ban transgender women from participating in women’s sports.

This amendment was added by a vote of 54-40. However, the vote on the bill itself is now the subject of fierce debate.

Per the report, several House members who were opposed to the amendment physically pounded their desks to disrupt the reading of the amendment. One opposition member who spoke up pointed out that a separate bill on the subject had already been brought up.

It remains to be seen whether the bill will now pass now that the amendment has been added. Just about everyone supports NIL, even the NCAA to an extent. But the amendment could have wider ranging repercussions than supporters of it realize.

Back in 2017, the NCAA decided against holding major sporting events in the state of North Carolina following a controversial bill targeting transgender people. At the time, the NCAA stated that championship games would only be played in “discrimination-free environments.”

The NCAA lifted the ban after the law was repealed.

One can imagine that the NCAA will be watching the outcome of this debate very closely. Perhaps more closely if this amended bill is passed into law.


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