Watch: College Football Kicker Ejected After Opening Kickoff


Those watching tonight’s game between USC and Stanford were treated to possibly the quickest ejection in college football history.

College football fans know the targeting rule very well. It’s one of the most controversial rules in the sport and often ends up with officials making a questionable call.

On the opening kickoff of Saturday night’s game, USC kicker Parker Lewis laid the boom on the Stanford returner. Unfortunately, Lewis’ tackle was ruled as targeting and officials upheld the ruling after replay.

As a result, USC’s kicker was ejected from the contest just six seconds into the game.

Here’s the play.

Targeting is generally called if the tackler lowers his head and initiates contact with what’s called the “crown” of the helmet.

Lewis did just that tonight and paid the price as a result. While some college football teams use two different kickers for kickoffs and field goals, Lewis handles both of those duties.

Now the Trojans will be without their primary kicker for nearly an entire game.


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