Watch: Awkward Moment During MNF ‘Manning Cast’ Going Viral


Thus far, tonight’s Manning brothers’ Monday Night Football Megacast on ESPN2 bas been a huge hit. The broadcast had a bit of an unexpected snafu right before halftime though.

Eli and Peyton are leading the production alongside Hall of Fame guests such as Ray Lewis and Charles Barkley. As the Las Vegas Raiders were driving down to kick a field goal just before intermission, a fire alarm in Eli’s house started going off.

It caused some confusion for viewers, some of whom (including the writer of this post), thought the alarm was coming from their building or nearby. As the alert sounded, Peyton seized on the opportunity to make a joke at his brother’s expense.

“Eli what’d you do?” he asked.

When the broadcast returned for the third quarter, Eli was back on with his brother, so whatever situation was going on at his house that caused the fire alarm to go off, it couldn’t have been serious.

Maybe Eli just needs to change the battery in one of his smoke detectors. Or maybe he forgot he had something heating up in the oven.


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