Video Of Tyler Herro Boxing Is Going Viral Today


An unflattering video of Tyler Herro boxing is going viral on social media on Sunday morning.

Herro has one of the best shooting forms in the NBA. The Miami Heat guard has a near-perfect stroke from deep.

The 21-year-old shooting guard’s boxing form could use some work, though.

Sunday morning, a video of Herro boxing went viral on social media.

Unfortunately for Herro, many on social media are mocking his performance.

“Lol this is awful. Bunch of yes men on that team. Can’t put this out and embarrass your guy like this…,” one fan tweeted.

“He really recorded this, looked at it and said ‘Yeah this’ll look good on the IG,’” another fan added.

“Bro these have to be the weakest uppercuts I’ve seen in my life,” one fan added.

Boxing is great fitness training, but if you’re going to post video of your sessions on social media, your form better be pristine.

In the case of Herro, his form was very much not, and now he’s opened himself up to some major social media mocking.


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