Video Of LeBron Watching Bronny Play On TV Going Viral


It is well-documented by now how passionate LeBron James is about his sons Bronny and Bryce and their basketball careers.

Recently, we’ve seen him go out of his way to stand up for Bronny at one of his AAU games by admonishing a PA announcer who insinuated that LeBron’s son was getting calls because of his father. Now, thanks to LeBron’s wife Savannah, we can see what he’s like when his son is playing and he’s not there to watch in person.

Savannah James posted a series of Instagram stories showing LeBron watching Bronny play on television. The four-time NBA champion is right up in front of the screen, watching every move.

He’s also doing a fair share of coaching from his living room. At the end of the clip, when the official makes a call that LeBron doesn’t agree with, you can hear King James drop a NSFW-response.

How many other fathers out there can say they behave similarly when they watch their kids play on television? I bet a lot more thank you may think.

At the end of the day, when his kids are playing, it doesn’t matter that LeBron is an all-time great. In those moments, he’s just a dad getting a little too into his child’s game.


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