Video Of Fan’s Interaction With Tyler Herro Is Going Viral


Earlier this week, Miami Heat shooting guard Tyler Herro was spotted signing autographs in public for some of his fans. While he was interacting with his fans, a near disaster struck.

One of Herro’s fans forgot to put their car in park before getting out to greet him. As a result, the car crashed into a nearby wall.

Herro was pretty surprised to watch that unfold before his eyes, as he immediately yelled “Oh, no!” The fans surrounding him kept yelling at that person to park their car, so clearly they saw that coming.

Thankfully, the car wasn’t going fast enough for the driver or passenger to sustain any serious injuries. However, this moment should serve as a valuable lesson to anyone watching. Regardless of the scenario, you should always put your vehicle in park before exiting it.

Here’s the scary incident that took place this week:

We’d imagine the driver was star-struck to see Herro. That would be the only explanation for them forgetting to park their car.

As for Herro, it’s pretty evident that his sophomore slump didn’t affect his popularity. He still has plenty of fans who want to take a picture of him or get his autograph.


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