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Video Of Bucks Team Bus At Parade Is Going Viral

Thousands of Bucks fans lined the streets of Milwaukee to cheer on the champion Bucks on Thursday. Those same fans didn’t have much to see, though.

During most championship parades across all sports, the team bus will slow down every 100 feet or so to let fans interact with the players. But whoever was driving one of the Bucks’ buses on Thursday must have been in a hurry.

A video of the Bucks’ championship-parade bus went viral on Thursday. The bus whips around a corner before speeding past the fans cheering them on. In other words, fans didn’t get the best look at part of the championship team.

Take a look.

We imagine those same fans in attendance arrived at the scene an hour or two early just to grab a good spot. But they definitely weren’t expecting the bus to speed by in just a few seconds. That’s definitely a disappointment.

Bucks fans were awesome during the NBA Playoffs. Earlier this week, tens of thousands of fans arrived at the Bucks’ arena to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals outside on the big screen. It was one of the cooler playoff moments in recent memory. Luckily, they got to see the championship victory in the process.

After going down 0-2 to the Phoenix Suns, the Bucks rattled off four straight to win the NBA Finals. It’s the first Bucks’ championship since 1971.

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