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UCF Fans Aren’t Happy With Josh Heupel’s Comment

UCF’s dream season in 2017 is the unquestioned peak of the program’s history. Going 13-0 and claiming a Peach Bowl victory over the No. 7 ranked Auburn Tigers, the Knights are officially recognized in NCAA record books as co-national champions alongside Alabama for this incredible performance.

Just two years before this fairytale season, UCF sat on the opposite end of the spectrum. Failing to claim a single win, the Knights went 0-12 through the 2015 season.

That’s when Scott Frost came in.

In his first season as head coach, Frost turned the program around with a 6-6 regular-season record and a bowl game appearance. After his team’s undefeated season in 2017, the former Knight’s leader took a head coaching job with Nebraska.

Going from 0-12 to 13-0, it’s fair to say Frost play a major role in building up the the UCF program from the ground.

But, during a Tuesday press conference, current head coach Josh Heupel had a different outlook.

“I think that I obviously have grown over the course of my three years, and being able to communicate and build a program from the bottom up,” Heupel said, per college football insider Matt Baker.

After taking over in 2018, Heupel lead the program to yet another undefeated regular season. The Knights went 12-0 on the year before falling to No. 11 ranked LSU in the Fiesta Bowl.

From there though, the UCF program has undoubtedly regressed.

Following a 10-3 season in 2019, Heupel and his squad notched a disappointing 6-4 record this past year. After three straight regressing seasons, former Knights coach took a head coaching gig with Tennessee in 2021.

Understandably, UCF fans aren’t too happy with their former coach taking credit for the program’s success.

In an interesting twist of fate, UCF’s new head coach is the same coach they topped in the 2017 Peach Bowl. Former Auburn coach Gus Malzhan will take the reigns in 2021 in hopes of turning the program back in the right direction.

The Knights will kickoff their season with a marquee matchup against Boise State on Sep. 2.

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