‘True Leaders,’ says Duce Staley of the Lions’ running back room.


The Detroit Lions are off to a fast start running the ball, even by their own low standards of the last few decades. That’s encouraging news for the team in 2021 as they try to keep their offense on track. Even if that is the case, don’t expect Duce Staley, the running backs coach, to rest on his laurels. The Lions have had a strong start, but Staley is adamant that they haven’t accomplished anything yet, given how much they must improve by their own admission in 2021.

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In an interview posted to DetroitLions.com on Thursday, September 30th, he spoke with the media. com, Staley was asked if the running backs have impressed him. As he stated, the answer is yes, thanks to hard work, even though the team still has work to do. “Those guys are working hard, man..”

They come out here and practice hard, leaving everything on the field in practice, and they leave everything on the field on game day,” he said. “They’ll be the first to tell you that we have a lot of work ahead of us..” They take pride in what they do. They come out here to improve themselves and their teammates, and they are true leaders. So I’m content with where they’re at with that. ”

So, is the coach happy with some of the early results he’s seen?

“I wouldn’t say that until we get in the win column,” Staley admitted candidly. It’s difficult to disagree with the Lions’ actions, but Staley is correct in keeping this group hungry. It’s been a good start so far, but in order to get where they need to be, the team must continue to show improvement on the field and hunger off of it.

Rookie Jermar Jefferson Wants Role With Lions

Jefferson, the rookie out of Oregon State, hasn’t been seen much thus far. He was a healthy scratch for the first few weeks of the season, and he’s one of the few rookies who hasn’t played in a game. That, according to Staley, is beneficial from a motivational standpoint. As he stated, Jefferson’s exclusion has been painful, but this only fuels his desire to succeed.

“You want him to be upset,” Staley explained. “I want him mad, angry, and in my office at 6 a.m.,” she says. I’d like him to come into my office at 6 p.m. I’m not sure why, but that tells me it means a lot to him. He adores it and is eager to get out on the field and demonstrate his worth. He’s been that, he’s been knocking on the door, he’s been a little irritated, a little aloof, which is fine. That’s not a problem for me. That he wishes to participate in the game. ”

Despite the fact that Jefferson has yet to play, Staley is pleased with the rookie’s preparation from the classroom to the field from the start of the offseason to this point. “Dating back to training camp, the first day stepping on the field..”

Learning how to be a professional is a lifelong process. Staley described himself as “just going out there and learning from the guys in front of him.” “Now, being able to return to the field in a couple of days or weeks and demonstrate what he’s learned… It’s one thing to bring the meeting from the classroom to the field; it’s another to leave the classroom and bring the meeting to the field. He’s now capable of doing so. I’m content with his current situation. ”

Jefferson may only need to be patient for now to get a chance.

Lions Running Backs Playing Well Early in 2021

Overall, Staley must admit that he is pleased with the work his running backs have done. The team’s rushing attack has been strong, averaging 105 yards per carry. 7 yards per game and 3 touchdowns, putting them in 14th place in the league. Historically, the Lions have struggled to generate any positive rush yardage. D’Andre Swift is shaping up to be a dynamo, while Jamaal Williams has effectively carried the ball and served as a team leader on the field.

This is a testament to Staley’s ability as a coach and the players’ willingness to embrace a team approach. It will be exciting to see how much everyone can improve and grow as a result of their efforts between now and the end of the season.

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