Troy Aikman Reveals His ‘Rock Bottom’ As A Broadcaster


Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has been working as a football broadcaster for roughly two decades. He’s experienced quite a bit in the sports media business, calling some of the biggest games in 21st century football history.

Aikman, 54, recently opened up about what he believes was his “rock bottom” moment in broadcasting.

The former Dallas Cowboys star appeared on the Flying Coach podcast with Rams head coach Sean McVay and NFL Network host and Peter Schrager.

Aikman said that his work calling Super Bowl XLII was his lowest moment as a broadcaster.

“I felt no sense of accomplishment, nothing,” Aikman said of that game. “And I said … ‘Man, if this is supposed to be the pinnacle of this profession, then I’m in the wrong profession.’

“And I was just really down, you know … I just know that that was rock bottom for me in this profession.”

Aikman has since learned how to get more satisfaction out of the game, even though he’s no longer playing on the field.

“There will never be the feelings you get when you’re in the arena and you’re actually doing it, but now I do get satisfaction from my job,” Aikman said. “And I don’t know why it changed all of a sudden, but it changed after that Super Bowl and I’m glad that it did, because if it hadn’t, I just was not going to be able to continue. And you want to walk away from your job feeling like you’ve done something worthwhile and noteworthy, and I do now when I leave the stadiums.”


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