Trent Dilfer Gets Called Out For His Seahawks Comment


Trent Dilfer has proven that he can play and coach the quarterback position fairly well. However, the former Pro Bowl quarterback and Super Bowl champion may have missed the mark with his latest comments.

On Saturday afternoon, Dilfer revealed who he believes is the best quarterback to ever suit up for the Seattle Seahawks. Believe it or not, he didn’t pick Russell Wilson.

Instead, Dilfer thinks Matt Hasselbeck is the best signal-caller in Seahawks history.

Watching NFL Network football life and it hit me that even though there are multiple Seahawks HOF’s, the most significant may be Matt Hasselbeck,” Dilfer tweeted. “Best QB in franchise history and endured more than any.”

Dilfer has dished out plenty of great takes before, but the NFL world doesn’t agree with this one.

“He’s a legend, no doubt. I love the guy and have his jersey,” a Seahawks fan wrote. “But RW3 is by far both the best and most significant QB in our history. No question.”

“That’s not true at all. Wilson is light years better than Hasselbeck was,” another ran replied. “I’m shocked you’d even say he’s the best in franchise history.”

Hasselbeck was a very reliable quarterback who put up solid numbers during his time in Seattle, but there’s no question that Wilson is the best in franchise history.

Not only does Wilson have better statistics at a younger age, he was able to take the Seahawks to the Super Bowl twice.

Seahawks fans, do you agree with Dilfer’s recent comments?


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