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Travis Kelce’s Mom Reveals True Last Name Pronunciation

Travis Kelceshocked the NFL world on Wednesday, with a surprising piece of personal information: we had been pronouncing his last name incorrectly this whole time. Or, at least, that’s what he wanted us to think.

During a guest spot on Barstool Sports’ Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, Kelce said that the ‘e’ at the end of his last name is actually silent. He said that his name is actually pronounced something closer to “Kels,” but he’d been “rolling with the punches” because so many people had gotten it wrong.

We’ve seen players have to correct the pronunciation of their name years after the start of their careers, so it certainly isn’t unheard of. Kelce was a 2013 third-round pick after an All-Big East career at Cincinnati, and was a Pro Bowler just a few years into his NFL career. He’s since become the most dangerous pass catcher at the position in the league, and his brother, Jason Kelce, is a star offensive lineman. It would be pretty shocking if we all had this name wrong for almost a decade.

As it turns out, that instinct is correct. Dave D’Marko of FOX4 News in Kansas City reached out to Kelce’s mother, who confirmed that it is, in fact, pronounced “Kel-cee.” It looks like the five-time All-Pro had some fun at basically the entire football world’s expense this week.

Kudos to Travis Kelce, who executed a pretty great prank on everyone, and started a whole media cycle with a single podcast appearance. That’s impressive work.

Kelce is preparing for his ninth NFL season, and a run at a second Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is coming off of a record season, with 1,416 receiving yards at the tight end position, a mark he set in just 15 games. That is the most yardage for a tight end in a single season ever. He also led the league among tight ends with 11 touchdowns.

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