Travis Kelce Shares Honest Admission On Super Bowl Loss


The typically-dominant Kansas City Chiefs hit a major snag during their second straight Super Bowl appearance this past season.

While they were widely expected to put up a good fight as the favorites against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chiefs ultimately fell in a 31-9 blowout — failing to notch a single touchdown with their high-powered offense.

One prominent member of Kansas City’s powerful offensive unit, Travis Kelce, recently explained how a beatdown like this was never even on his radar.

“We felt very confident going into the last game,” the superstar tight end said, via Zach Frydenlund of “We knew who we were. We knew the type of game that we were capable of having and we didn’t really think that losing 31-9 was even in the f–ing picture, excuse my language, but we didn’t. It wasn’t even a thought in our mind. We thought, ‘Oh, it’s going to be a good game.’ If anything, we would lose in, you know what I mean, not to say that if we were to lose, you know what I mean? Just in your mind, it’s going to be a great game or we’re going to blow them out like we did in the regular season, or we’re just going to run away with it like we did in the first game that we played that season.”

Earlier in the regular season, the Chiefs took down the Bucs 27-24.

Kelce attributed the Super Bowl loss to a slow start on his team’s end.

“It was never even a thought and sure enough, everything happened rapidly,” Kelce said. “I forget what happened in the first half, but we got down real quick and from that point on, it was just an uphill battle that we couldn’t, the hill just kept getting higher and higher on us. We couldn’t get to the top of it to start to get some momentum to come back down and it was a struggle, man. It was a helpless feeling, but looking back on it, you start to find things throughout the game, throughout the first half that could have gone your way.”

Kelce led the team with 133 yards on 10 receptions through the blowout loss. Even with his individual success, the 31-year-old TE called the defeat “embarrassing.”

“It was just an embarrassing kind of just . . . I don’t know,” he said. “It was something that I wasn’t proud of that I didn’t even want to really show my face around the city. I didn’t want to be around anybody. I didn’t want to talk to anybody about it. There was nothing to talk about. Everybody saw exactly what happened, right?”

Despite the sour taste left from this Super Bowl loss, Kelce and the Chiefs will look to bounce back with another title-contending run this coming season.


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