Tony Romo Called Out For What He Said About Browns Incident


CBS lead NFL analyst Tony Romo is facing some criticism for what he said about Sunday’s sideline incident between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns.

Browns defensive back Ronnie Harrison was ejected from Sunday’s game after smacking a Chiefs assistant coach.

The Chiefs assistant coach appeared to think that Harrison was going to step on one of his players. So, the Kansas City coach shoved Harrison out of the way. Harrison responded by by lunging at – and hitting – the Chiefs coach.

Harrison was ejected.

Romo placed basically all of the blame on Harrison. While it’s fair to argue that a player should never hit a coach, the Browns defensive back appeared to be provoked.

Former Browns star Joe Thomas also weighed in.

“Romo missed this one…Harrison was trying to step over the player on the ground and with his foot up in the air he started getting pushed backwards…then as Harrison is getting pushed from multiple directions the coach comes over and shoves him!? Coach will get fined for that 1,” he tweeted.

Even the great broadcasters miss ones every once in a while.

This afternoon’s Browns at Chiefs game is airing on CBS.


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