Tom Brady Uses 1 Word To Describe His Wide Receivers


It’s nearly impossible to find a team in the NFL with more talent at wide receiver than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their current depth chart features three elite options in Antonio Brown, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

The downside to having a crowded depth chart at wideout is there’s only one ball to go around. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, however, doesn’t seem too worried about this issue.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Brady said that his wide receivers have been unselfish when it comes to their target share.

“I’m sure it can be frustrating for a receiver,” Brady said, via “Because you know most great receivers that I’ve been around want the ball a lot. But our guys are very unselfish. I’d say there’s been times in my career where we’ve been really limited at those positions and you try to force the ball to one particular player.”

Brady also said that Tampa Bay is better off having an embarrassment of riches at wide receiver because it limits how many playmakers the opposing defense can neutralize.

“Every time the defensive coach calls the defense, he’s trying to take away something,” Brady explained. “And when you’re limited on skill players, you’re trying to force the ball to one person regardless of the coverage. That’s a bad way to play.”

Brown and Godwin both had over 100 receiving yards in Week 1. Evans, meanwhile, had just three catches for 24 yards.

With the Falcons on deck for Week 2, the Buccaneers should have a golden opportunity to get all three star wideouts involved in the passing game. Perhaps this will be Evans’ week to post big numbers.


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