Tom Brady Shocked By 1 Area Of NFL’s Quarterback Group


One of the main topics of opening weekend in the NFL was the high volume of young quarterbacks starting throughout the league.

Even Tom Brady, the league’s oldest starter at age 44, took note of the green crop of signal callers earning playing time in Week 1.

All five quarterbacks picked in the first round of this year’s draft played on Sunday, with three of them starting.

“I don’t remember this many rookies playing,” Brady said on his “Let’s Go” podcast today, via the Tampa Bay Times. “Even the second-year guys. Tua (Tagovailoa), (Justin) Herbert, (Joe) Burrow, Trevor Lawrence. (Justin) Fields played a little bit. Trey Lance played a little bit. Zach Wilson is playing. Mac Jones is playing. That’s a lot of young quarterbacks.”

It does have to be a little weird for Brady to see so many guys starting who are barely half his age. Then again, that makes it all the more impressive what Brady is still doing after all these years.

“I’ll be forgotten here soon. I’ll move on and they’ll be on to someone else but that’s just the way football goes, as does life,” Brady joked on the podcast Monday.

We don’t expect Brady to go anywhere for a while, but some of these next generation QBs are definitely here to stay as well.


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