Tom Brady Has Message For Charles Barkley Ahead Of ‘The Match’


Tom Brady has been criticized plenty of times over the course of his career, but his naysayers never really gets under his skin. That being said, the seven-time Super Bowl champion did admit that he was insulted by Charles Barkley’s comments during “The Match” in 2020.

Barkley took several jabs at Brady’s golf swing and overall approach on the course. That didn’t sit well with Brady, who opened up about his rivalry with Barkley in a recent call hosted by Turner Sports.

During the call, Brady admit that Barkley’s insults struck a nerve. He just couldn’t fathom that Barkley, who has an odd-looking golf swing, critiqued his game.

Even though Brady was insulted by those comments, he wants Barkley to trash talk him during this year’s edition of “The Match.”

“I hope he starts talking trash on the practice range, because that definitely lit a fire under me,” Brady said, via GolfDigest. “Any time your golf swing gets insulted by Charles, you gotta take that to heart. I had a lot of insults, that was probably one of the worst insults I could imagine: Charles Barkley insulting my golf swing.”

Barkley will be part of Turner Sports’ coverage for “The Match” this afternoon. He’s already had plenty of things to say about Brady and Phil Mickelson over the past week.

Last Friday, Barkley called out Mickelson for choosing Brady as his partner and went on to say that he could defeat the legendary quarterback on the golf course.

“He might be the greatest ever and he’s a really nice guy, but I like to bash him because he has a great sense of humor,” Barkley said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I don’t think Tom Brady could beat me in golf, I really don’t. Not right now he can’t.”

Sports fans should expect Barkley and Brady to trash talk each other throughout this afternoon’s event.

Coverage of “The Match” will begin at 5 p.m. ET on TNT, TBS and truTV.


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