Tom Brady Has A Special Clock In Each Of His Gyms


Earlier Wednesday morning, longtime New England Patriots insider Jeff Howe published a story about quarterback Tom Brady.

The featured shared intimate details of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback’s life and his motivations. According to a piece from Jeff Howe, Brady never wanted to take down Joe Montana’s record of four Super Bowls.

Instead, he was chasing Michael Jordan’s impressive mark of six titles with the Chicago Bulls. But that’s not the only nugget of information fans found interesting today.

According to the piece from Howe, Brady has a special clock in his home gyms. It’s a countdown clock that is counting down to one thing: the Super Bowl.

Brady reportedly has updated the clock as early as the day after the Super Bowl.

For those who have watched Tom Brady over the years, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The star quarterback has won seven Super Bowl titles during his illustrious career.

However, he’s not hanging up the cleats any time soon. The 44-year-old quarterback came back to Tampa Bay for another season with the hopes of winning yet another Super Bowl title.

He’s just counting down the days.


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