There’s Reportedly 1 ‘Nuclear Option’ For Aaron Rodgers


As the NFL world continues to wait and see what will happen with Aaron Rodgers, there is reportedly one “nuclear option” on the table for the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback.

That option: opting out of the entire 2021 season.

Pro Football Talk reported earlier this month that Rodgers could actually opt out of the entire 2021 season. CBS Sports provided some more clarity on the situation on Wednesday.

According to CBS Sports, Rodgers opting out of the 2021 season would be the “nuclear” option. Here’s why:

Rodgers wouldn’t be subject to a mandatory $50,000 fine for each day of training camp missed by opting out. For fining purposes under the CBA, training camp runs from the mandatory reporting date (July 27 for Green Bay) through the Sunday before the first regular-season game (Sept. 5). Skipping Green Bay’s entire training camp in a holdout would cost Rodgers $2.05 million.

The Packers would also have the right to start recovering a portion of the $57.5 million signing bonus Rodgers received in his 2018 contract extension with a training camp holdout and the $6.8 million roster bonus he earned in March. Recoupment would be at Green Bay’s discretion.

Rodgers would be sacrificing a lot of money by continuing to hold out. However, that financial cost lessens considerably if he decides to opt out.

Of course, opting out remains an unlikely move. Rodgers has to make that decision very soon, too.

From Pro Football Talk:

By next Friday, July 2, he can pull the plug on the 2021 season. It would be a permanent and irrevocable decision, but he can do it.

July 2 is only two days away.

We’ll find out if Rodgers wants to pursue this “nuclear” option very soon.


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