The SEC Announced An Official Decision On Media Days


The 2021 college football season should mark a return to normalcy after the craziness of last year. But that doesn’t mean the SEC won’t exercise extra caution on their upcoming media days.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the SEC announced that Media Days will be conducted from July 19 to 22. But while they will make certain areas in Birmingham, Alabama available for fans to observe from a distance, fans will not be able to go inside or get autographs.

“Due to COVID guidelines, the area will require that fans remain distanced from those entering and exiting the hotel,” the SEC said in a statement. “Fans will not be permitted inside the hotel and there will be no autograph opportunities during the 2021 event.”


The SEC decision on Media Days means that some of the more eccentric fans won’t be able to attend. Some college football insiders lamented that one Alabama fan who wears a championship ring-styled hat will be absent too.

“You will not be able to see the Bama fan with the giant title ring on his head,” Tyler Greever of WHAS11 News tweeted.

“Pour one out for championship ring hat guy,” wrote’s John Talty.

“No fans inside at SEC Media Days. Here’s hoping tiger-stripe dog and ring-hat guy can find some A/C,” Charlie Potter of 247Sports wrote.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but potentially a necessary one until the pandemic is finally over for good.


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