The NBA Community Reacts to Important Andrew Wiggins News.


Despite the NBA’s constant efforts to explain the dangers of COVID-19 and the benefits of vaccines, Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins remains adamantly opposed to vaccination. Wiggins is rumored to have said that he will not get the vaccine unless the NBA forces him to. The NBA does not have a vaccine requirement and is unlikely to do so in the near future.

However, while this may be acceptable in most American cities, it is not acceptable in San Francisco, California. San Francisco does have vaccination requirements for being allowed indoors for entertainment, including large events like an NBA game at the Chase Center.

The NBA has the authority to grant Wiggins an exemption for whatever reason they see fit. They can’t, however, override city regulations. As a result, Wiggins may be forced to sit out a number of Warriors home games until he gets his shots.

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