The Lions’ roster purge must continue with Will Harris, according to the Hunt Report.


The Detroit Lions have done a good job figuring out their future roster in 2021, and that should have continued during a sloppy Week 4 performance against the Chicago Bears. During Detroit’s 24-14 defeat, one player stood out in a negative way, and that player was none other than safety Will Harris. For the Detroit defense, Harris was usually around the ball in a negative way, and he appeared to be out of position early on a couple of key Chicago scoring drives.

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The Lions have already cut players like Jahlani Tavai and Jamie Collins this season due to their inability to fit into the defense. While Harris may fit Detroit’s vision, his mental errors have been too much for the team to overcome early in the season, resulting in some losses. Players playing out of position and struggling on the field plagued Bob Quinn’s tenure, and it’s possible that Harris is the final link in the chain. The Lions would lose little at safety by playing someone like Darryl Worley, and they might even unearth a player who can help them now and in the future. That should be the goal of an exploratory season.

The Lions are trying to figure out who they can count on in the future, and it’s becoming clear that Harris isn’t one of them so far this season. Why do the Lions try to run him on the field in the hopes of better results if he can’t get along with his teammates? It’s time for Harris to make yet another difficult decision. What else did you learn in this game?

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about.

Detroit’s Mindset Was Very ‘Same Old Lions’

Changing a culture will take time for Dan Campbell, and that’s especially true given the team’s roster depth issues at certain positions. Despite this, the Lions got off to a slow start and displayed pathetic execution after a game in which their hearts were ripped out. This is why changing the culture may not be as simple as some people believe. The Lions desperately needed a better start, and they came out flat and undisciplined. Even for these “new” Lions, that’s about as “same old” as it gets.

Not Everything Is Jared Goff’s Fault

After a few fumbles and an ugly turnover, Goff is going to get his share of the blame. Fans should probably refrain from putting too much blame on the quarterback’s shoulders. In the second half, Goff fought back and put the team in a good position to get back into the game. He’s got a strewn-together offensive line and a patchwork wideout group to contend with. Furthermore, Goff’s defense is at best inconsistent. Given what has happened this season, Lions fans should take a step back before blaming Goff for everything that happens on the field. Though fans will continue to chant that Campbell did the right thing late in Detroit’s loss, going for it on fourth down deep in Bears territory with points in the back pocket appears to be the coach’s most egregious error of his brief tenure in Detroit. It’s one thing not to coach scared, but the Lions had all the momentum late in the game and should have tried to keep the Bears at bay by scoring points. Going for the fourth down late in the game was, to put it bluntly, a mistake. Lion?

Kalif Raymond, Wide Receiver

It was a big game for Raymond on the scoreboard and on the stat sheet, as he had two touchdowns and 46 yards on the day. Raymond has stepped up and done a great job in the last few weeks of the season to cement himself as a key combatant in a wideout group that desperately needs someone to step up. Lamb?

The Lions’ offense

struggled to consistently put the ball in the end zone. The team should have been able to pound the ball in more given all of the trips to the red zone that day. 14 points aren’t going to cut it, so the Lions fail this test by showing up far too late and far too little in this game when it mattered most.

Lions’ Game Stat of the Day: 188

The Lions allowed 188 rushing yards on the afternoon. The Lions allowed far too much on the ground from David Montgomery a week after shutting down Baltimore’s rushing attack, and were unable to overcome his early touchdowns. Detroit’s defense has been inconsistent, and this statistic demonstrates yet again how the team must find a way to produce more balanced defensive production in the trenches.

Lions’ Quote to Remember: “The same mistakes are showing up now a little bit…”

Johnson’s Career Statistics

Lions’ Quote to Remember: “The same mistakes are showing up now a little bit…” We either have to find a way or find someone else to do them for us. It’s not due to a lack of effort or a desire to. It’s just that they’re currently causing us some discomfort. “, says Dan Campbell. When asked about the secondary, Campbell seemed to imply that he is dissatisfied with the team’s performance on the field. It’s anyone’s guess whether Harris is included or not.

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Lions Fans Slam Will Harris Over Play on Internet

Lions Fans Slam Will Harris Over Play on Internet

Lions Fans Slam Will Harris Over Play on Internet

Lions Fans Slam Will


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