The Lions’ ‘Clean’ Look With New White Pants Is Praised On The Internet.


During their Monday Night Football game against the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions made a major fashion statement, and the nation took notice of a sharp new look.

When the Lions took the field for the game, they wore their white pants to match their white jersey tops, and there was no shortage of opinions about the look.

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Some celebrities, including Judy Batista, were quick to express their admiration for the Detroit look, suggesting that the Lions wear it on Thanksgiving Day. Despite the lack of a stripe on the pants, many people think the look is good and something that would look good on television.

The uniforms were perfect for kneecap biting during the game, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Obviously, the Lions have a new popular look, and something to dip back into when it comes to their road uniforms.

Lions Wear White for First Time in Nearly 70 Years
It’s an understatement to say that this uniform combination was history in the making. Since at least 1950, the Lions had not worn white pants with a white jersey. That was something the team’s public relations Twitter account pointed out.

This is obviously a very unconventional look for the Lions, who usually wear silver or striped pants. For this look, the Lions dug deep into their wardrobe archives, and it appears to be a big hit.

Lions Jersey History

In this game, Detroit’s classic look is a throwback to the 1950s and before. On Thanksgiving, the Lions wear their silver and blue throwbacks a lot, and they brought the look back in their last re-design after it had been gone for a while. They’ve worn it on Thanksgiving and during “big” home games since then. Detroit also revealed their all-gray Color Rush uniform, their traditional blue and silver uniform, and a look with white jerseys and silver pants as part of the re-design. The WCF patch on the shoulder of the team’s uniform is a nod to former long-time owner William Clay Ford, who passed away in 2014. Many people have said that the new Detroit Lions uniforms are among the best in the NFL, and the team has been credited for their font and design changes.

Detroit has worn a variety of uniforms in the past, the most notable of which was a black jersey worn by Matt Millen during his tenure with the team. Many fans disliked the look, but those who defended it insist that Detroit should bring black back into their color scheme. Players may come to an agreement.

Is there a look the Lions have never had before? The team’s original color was red, which they wore when they were known as the Portsmouth Spartans. Because the Lions have long been known as a Honolulu Blue and Silver team, a red look could be perplexing, so don’t expect that to become part of the lexicon anytime soon. Will the Lions keep their white pants?

Given the reaction, it’s possible they should.

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Jamaal Williams Glad to Land With Lions

Jamaal Williams Glad to Land With Lions

Jamaal Williams Glad to Land With Lions

Jamaal Williams Glad to Land With


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