Thanksgiving 2021: The Best Memes & Jokes for the Vacation.


Thanksgiving 2021: The Best Memes & Jokes for the Vacation.

For many people, Thanksgiving 2021 will be the first big family vacation since the pandemic. Others may still prefer a smaller Thanksgiving meal with their household. But whatever the case for you, this is still a great holiday to share Thanksgiving memes. Here are some of the best memes for 2021.

In the past year, many memes focused on COVID-19 and the pandemic. This year, more memes are focusing on politics and that there can be tension around the holiday table when family members have different political ideologies. If things get tense at family meals, you can always have great answers prepared.

Here’s another fun one.

Last year people joked that they were happy to celebrate Thanksgiving on their own. Others may choose to do just that later this year.

Others joke about how stressful vacation planning is this year.

Planning a Thanksgiving meal can be tricky.

And is that how you thaw your turkey?

Don’t forget to ask to be removed from group text “Happy Thanksgiving” from family or friends.

Thanksgiving is nationally celebrated in the United States (and it is also celebrated in Canada, but on a different date.) Individual colonies and states celebrated Thanksgiving in their own way and on their own dates after 1621, until Abraham Lincoln explained it National Day in 1863, reported. In the US, Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November. Depending on which day of the month the month starts, the holiday seems to be much earlier in some years than in others (like the 22nd in 2018 versus the 28th in 2019.)

Despite all the political jokes, there are many memes about Thanksgiving that don’t have a political focus but instead focus on things that almost anyone can appreciate.

Many parents will be able to identify with this meme.

While others may relate to the idea of ​​simply having no self-control while on vacation.

That includes trying to hold back from having seconds (and more seconds after that).

But no matter how full you feel, there is always room for cake.

This “Rick and Morty” meme below is pretty accurate when it comes to devils eggs and Thanksgiving.

But this meme about difficulty waiting for food is also correct.

Individuals invested in cryptocurrency may be able to refer to this next one.

And maybe we should all skip uploading pictures of our Thanksgiving meals this year. All of these photos look the same and nobody is really interested in seeing photos of what you ate. shares details about the history of the holiday. According to, participants did not eat turkey, corn bread, and pumpkin pie in 1621. They likely ate lobsters, seals, and swans. They also likely used Native American spices and cooking methods.

With the holidays ending later today, many people will already be focused on Christmas.

Remember not to stress yourself too much about calories today. Enjoy your day off.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a nice holiday.

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