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Texas State Politician Reacts To The Longhorns Rumors

The college football world has been in a frenzy ever since news broke that Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC about potentially joining the conference.

While there are plenty of college football fans who like the idea of these two programs leaving the Big 12, not everyone is on board with it.

Jeff Leach, a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 67, addressed Texas’ potential departure from the Big 12 on Twitter. It’s safe to assume that Leach isn’t very pleased with the latest report.

“The lack of transparency by our flagship institution is wrong,” Leach wrote. “Such a monumental economic and educational decision impacting the entire state must not be made in a bubble on the forty acres. Working on legislation requiring legislative approval for UT to bolt the BIG XII.”

Leach’s comments aren’t sitting well with the public, as countless fans have pointed out that he’s a Baylor alum.

“Or are you just worried your alma mater is going to figure things out on its own and so you’re overstepping legislatively,” a Texas fan tweeted at Leach. “Worry about the power grid.”

Chris Hummer of 247Sports also joined the conversation, tweeting “Have a difficult time believing a Texas grad (the Texas governor) would make blocking Texas to the SEC part of his special session agenda.”

The SEC is already considered the best conference in college football, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add the Longhorns and Sooners to the mix.

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