Texas Player Addresses Idea That NIL Money Will ‘Divide Locker Room’


One of the arguments against passing Name, Image, and Likeness reform was that the high variance in what players would receive on an open market would “divide a locker room.” Now that players are able to benefit from their NIL rights, Texas football linebacker DeMarvion Overshown says that the reality is the exact opposite.

Overshown was an All-Big 12 honorable mention player as a junior in 2020, as well as defensive MVP of Texas’ Alamo Bowl blowout of Colorado. On July 1, he rolled out a merch line, and has signed up for Cameo, so he is starting to take full advantage of the situation.

He appeared on Thursday’s episode of 247Sports‘ College Football Daily podcast, and discussed how NIL has impacted locker room dynamics. He was pretty frank about the reality that stars at positions like quarterback will make more than he will as a linebacker, as is the case in the NFL.

Even so, he says that at Texas, everyone is happy for teammates that do well with NIL. “We want all want everybody else to eat,” he told the podcast.

“I haven’t (seen a divide),” Overshown said, when asked about that concern. “This locker room is so close that I feel like we wouldn’t have that problem. Because everybody in here, if one eats, we want all want everybody else to eat.

“The other day, the o-linemen had posted something, and you see almost everybody on the team retweeting like ‘We need our big guys. Feed our big guys.’ We all want each other to eat.”

That seems like it will probably be the case for most teams. There may be instances of jealousy, as is human nature, but for the most part, college players want to get to the NFL, and in the pros, the reality is that some players make more than others. College players likely understand that very well.

Overshown discussed that as well:

“We all knew when this rule came that you’re going to have others make more money than you. Like (running back) Bijan (Robinson ), (quarterback) Casey (Thompson), they’re going to make money, and people know that. It’s the same way at the next level. Quarterbacks are going to get paid more than what the D-linemen and linebackers get paid.”

NIL rules were opened up by the NCAA on July 1. It will be fascinating to see just how wide ranging these athletes’ deals get. For huge programs like Texas football, it should be extremely lucrative.



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