Teacher had sex with students in the car and posted nudes on Instagram for him and his brother.


Teacher had sex with students in the car and posted nudes on Instagram for him and his brother.

Perverted teacher Amanda Schweitzer was jailed for inappropriately texting her students and sleeping with a boy in a car and sending him and his brother a nude selfie

A teacher who posted nude photos of her teenage student told him he was “hot” before luring him into bed and having sex with him.

Amanda Schweitzer, 42, tried the nude selfie tactic on at least three students, including the brother of the boy she slept with, according to authorities in Missouri, USA.

The teacher was found guilty of the sexual seduction of a student and was sent to federal prison for 20 years at the end of her hearing on Tuesday, The Joplin Globe reports.

She was reported to have worked as a teacher at North Middle School in Joplin when desperate parents contacted the headmaster in March 2017 about selfies the teacher posted on Instagram.

These concerns were referred to the state child abuse hotline and Joplin police opened an investigation.

The mother of two of the boys told investigators that one of their sons later admitted to having sex with the teacher.

Investigators questioned the son and he said the teacher texted him to tell him that she “wanted” him. The nude selfies followed quickly and she requested that he send her similar pictures in return.

Only one thing before the interviews, the teen said they had sex in her car by a river. She had been drinking and he declined her offer to share the liquor.

A witness who saw them at the campsite where they parked said they thought it was a mother and son on a day trip.

The Joslin Globe says the teenager then told investigators the second time they had sex was the day before the interview, when he was out of school.

He was at a relative’s house when she texted him why he wasn’t at school and then came and picked him up and took him to her house where they had sex again, he said.

At the Springfield federal court hearing, the newspaper said US District Judge Roseann Ketchmark ordered Schweitzer to serve the sentence without parole and then be released under custody for 15 years.

They said Schweitzer met on Jan.

But her legal troubles aren’t over yet – she is charged with legal rape in Jasper County and child abduction, legal rape, and legal sodomy in nearby Newton County.

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