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Stephen Curry Reacts To Giannis, Bucks Winning NBA Title

Giannis Antetokounmpo bucked recent trends in the NBA by reupping with the Milwaukee Bucks, where he is the only true superstar. It paid off big last night, when he led the team to its first title since 1971, with a massive 50-point game.

Even as he resisted the allure of the “super team,” Giannis clearly has the respect of his fellow superstars. Last night cemented his legacy, adding an NBA Title and Finals MVP award to his pair of regular season MVPs. Giannis may have some holes in his game, but he’s irrefutably a top five player in the league.

“Salute and congrats Giannis,” LeBron James tweeted after last night’s incredible performance. “You earned that s**t.”

Kevin Durant also gave Giannis his props, and went so far as to call the Milwaukee Bucks a dynasty after just one title. His former Golden State Warriors teammate, Steph Curry, is the leader of the last true NBA dynasty. Curry also had a message for Giannis Antetokounmpo after the win.

Giannis scored 50 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, powering the Bucks past an explosive Phoenix Suns team. It is one of the best NBA Finals-clinching performances we’ve ever seen, so it is no surprise that the superstars made sure to give Giannis his due.

That statue certainly has to be in the works at some point in Giannis’ career. Now, the question becomes how many titles he and the Bucks can win. With the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers all getting healthy next season and the young Suns continuing to develop, it should be as competitive an NBA season as we’ve seen.

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