Stephen A. Smith Has Blockbuster Trade In Mind For Warriors


After suffering elimination in the NBA play-in round, the Golden State Warriors are expected to be back in contention if and when Klay Thompson returns to full health. But ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes that a blockbuster trade could ensure their return to dominance.

On Saturday’s edition of Stephen A’s World, the ESPN pundit declared that Thompson’s return alone will see them through to the Western Conference Finals. But he then suggested that acquiring Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers would make them favorites to win the title.

“Best move is to get Klay Thompson healthy… As far as I’m concerned, at least the trip to the conference finals is damn near automatic,” Stephen A. said. “By the way, Wiseman is going to be good. Keep Draymond, and I’ll tell you if you can, get rid of Wiggins give up a couple of picks and go out there and trade that to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons. Put Ben Simmons in Golden State with Klay and Steph and watch what the hell happens. It would be special. They’d win the chip next year as far as I’m concerned.”

Stephen A. has maintained for weeks that the Warriors are plotting a trade to land the three-time All-Star. Given his recent struggles in the playoffs, his trade value might be the lowest it’s been in a while.

And as Stephen A. mentioned, the Warriors have the assets to get him.

Ben Simmons was historically bad at shooting during the 2021 NBA playoffs, setting records for futility. His struggles have led many to believe that the 76ers will trade him for the right price.

There’s little denying that the Warriors would become a much more dangerous team with Simmons in the fold. He’s no Kevin Durant, but he could definitely give their win totals a much-needed boost.

Would a Ben Simmons trade to the Golden State Warriors make them instant title favorites?


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