Steelers Linebacker Shares A Disturbing Video On Twitter


A number of NFL players have taken criticism over the past few years for how they conduct themselves on social media. But while most of those complaints boil down to talking too much trash or saying ridiculous things, one Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker seriously crossed the line on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Steelers linebacker Devin Bush shared a disturbing video on Twitter of a cat (NSFW) falling multiple stories to the ground. The cat miraculously survived the fall according to reports, but Bush didn’t seem to know that at the time. “The only time I seen a cat not land on its feet omg !!” Bush wrote, adding a skull emoji.

Bush has quickly gotten ratio’d as fans of his watched the video in horror. As of 10 a.m. EST on Monday morning, he still has not deleted the tweet.

But Bush has been more than willing to have a laugh at the expense of people who have been complaining about it. Even his own Steelers teammates.

What NFL fans have found most frustrating about this – other than the horror of watching the cat fall – is the irony of Devin Bush posting the video given his past revulsion for other social media.

Just last week, Bush publicly declared that he wants nothing to do with anyone who uses the TikTok app. Given how much a handful of his teammate loves the app, that’s bound to create problems in the future.

“Keep those grown men with tik tok away from me, Im a real man who thinks videos of cats dying are funny,” one fan replied.

“Says stay tf around me over tiktok but posts some shit like this damn,” wrote another.

It’s a bad look for Bush, and one that could very well cost him a lot of money from sponsorships.


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