Sports World Reacts To Bold Arch Manning Prediction


College athletes across the country are set to benefit from the new Name, Image and Likeness rules, which allow student-athletes to pursue brand deals, endorsements and other business opportunities they were previously banned from.

One notable athlete who could benefit in a major way is Arch Manning.

Arch Manning, a five-star quarterback recruit in the 2023 class, is the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning. He already has serious name recognition and could be a massive star at the collegiate level.

Sports business insider Darren Rovell predicts that Arch Manning could earn $10 million as a college freshman due to the new Name, Image and Likeness rules.

“Arch Manning I could see making $10 Million as a freshman in college,” Rovell said during an interview with Dan Patrick on Thursday. “Everyone who had Peyton and Eli are gonna wanna sign him. … When you say, ‘Who’s the guy who’s gonna come in and blow this thing up?’ That’s the guy who I think of. But he’s got two years to go.”

It’s going to take a while for the average sports fan to get used to the idea of a college freshman earning $10 million.

“No freaking way,” one fan wrote.

“No chance,” another added.

$10 million doesn’t seem that crazy, though. Arch Manning is arguably the most well-known recruit in the country and few names in football, if any, have as much recognition as Manning.

If anyone is going to make that much money playing college sports, it will probably be an Arch Manning kind of player.


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