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Sports Media World Reacts To The Mike Golic Job News

Former ESPN host Mike Golic has officially landed a new job in sports media.

The longtime ESPN Radio host will be back on the airwaves this fall. Golic, who was not re-signed by ESPN at the end of his most-recent contract, will be working college football games each Saturday for Learfield IMG.

The radio network announced this week that Golic and play-by-play announcer Kate Scott will host a weekly college football broadcast this fall.

Here are more specifics:

College Football Saturday Night

Kate Scott Play-By-Play ​
Mike Golic Football Analyst​
Special guests live each week ​
13 football games – each Saturday night during the season​
46 thirty-second units of local inventory​
No pre-game show / short post-game ​
Just premium college football with fun personality driven play-by-play
Kate Scott and Mike Golic customized promos available
Fully automatable

The sports media world is excited to have Golic back. Golic is pumped to be back, as well.

“Looking forward to a very fun season,” he tweeted.

Several sports fans have taken to social media to express their excitement.

“I’m so stoked. Can’t wait to hear you on the radio again. Congrats!” one fan tweeted.

“Awesome!!! Miss you so much on ESPN 2! Listened to you and greeny for 17 years and kept following Golic and Wingo. Loved it even more,” another fan added.

“yes!!!!!!!! I could not be happier to see these two names together. Two amazing people in the business,” reporter Kris Budden wrote.

Golic, 58, recently opened up about his departure from ESPN.

“There were probably 3 or 4 different entities we were talking about college and ESPN was one of them. And their last conversation with my agent was ‘No, don’t want it.’ Not even a talk of we can’t pay much. It was just nothing. Like those teams cut me, they felt I had no more worth to them. And I’m sure ESPN felt the same way, I had no more worth to them. Shit, is it a blow to the ego? Sure. To anybody it would be. But when you are there for as long as you are, and all of a sudden it’s not even discussed to keep you there. Yeah, that’s a blow to the ego. But that’s life. I can’t sit here and cry about it. You move on. It was a nice break and other people want me to do some things and I’ll eventually go to that. But that’s why it ended. That’s an easy question to answer,” Golic told Richard Deitsch. 

It isn’t ESPN, but at least Golic will be back talking college football this fall. The season can’t get here soon enough.

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