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Skip Bayless Getting Roasted For His Latest LeBron Take

It wouldn’t be a proper Monday without FOX Sports pundit Skip Bayless giving at least one take people can roast him for. Naturally, his latest “hot take” involves the man he despises more than anyone else: LeBron James.

On Monday’s edition of Undisputed, Bayless declared that LeBron’s new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, gets a “C” grade from him. He asserted that the difference between LeBron’s movie and the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan is the same as the difference between LeBron and Jordan as basketball players.

Bayless leveled numerous criticisms of the movie over a nearly four-minute rant. Ultimately he called the movie another bad loss for LeBron against Michael Jordan.

“I’m giving LeBron’s new movie a ‘C,’” Bayless said. “LeBron lost badly once again to Michael Jordan.”

It didn’t take long for fans of LeBron (and haters of Skip) to swarm the comments and retweet their disdain for the FOX Sports pundit.

“WOW Skip didn’t like a family movie just because of Lebron,” one fan replied. “He was like seriously comparing the movies like its 1 on 1 Lebron vs Jordan.

“This is a new low, even for for Skip. Michael Jordan’s legacy is safe and secure from assault, there’s no need to hate on EVERYTHING LeBron does just to be THAT guy. I realize that it’s shtick but it’s become clichéd and monotonous at this point. It’s cringe, to say the least,” wrote another.

“Forgot they made the movie for people like skip Bayless in mind,” another fan pointed out.

Space Jam: A New Legacy has received mixed reviews overall. Per Rotten Tomatoes, critics have largely panned the film while general audiences seem to enjoy it a lot.

Skip Bayless seems stuck somewhere in the middle – but purely for basketball reasons, which is weird.

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