Sixers’ Star Makes Cheesesteak Faux Pas in Philly


The Ben Simmons drama is the hottest topic on the Philadelphia 76ers front right now, but Tobias Harris is stirring up his own controversy. While Simmons is attempting to force his way out of town by citing basketball reasons, Harris’ gaffe appears to be a deliberate shot across the Philadelphia faithful’s bow.

The big issue: Harris appears to be mocking one of Philadelphia’s most iconic and enduring symbols, the Philly cheesesteak.

A slew of Sixers were polled on their cheesesteak preferences in a TikTok post on September 30. When Harris took the plate, he offered a viewpoint that some fans found difficult to accept. Furthermore, he did so with zeal and confidence, which only served to enrage the masses. He boldly declared, “Don’t kill the messenger, but I do like some mustard on my cheesesteak.” “I told you so!” ”

The Philadelphia 76ers made sure to put a disclaimer in the caption, saying, “The Philadelphia 76ers do not endorse the takes in this video..” And it’s a good thing, too, because Harris is being ripped to shreds by a group of fervent sandwich fans for what he said.

Philadelphia Fans React to Cheesesteak-Gate

One fan summed up the feelings of many Sixers fans when he quoted a report on Harris’ cheesesteak take and asked, “Maaaan @tobias31 why you gotta do this?” ” The star forward quickly responded by attempting to retract his previous statements on the subject. He tweeted,

“Ima clear this up, It’s not the first thing I put on my cheesesteak, but I’ve tried it and it ain’t bad…” “That’s all there is to it..” ”

The 10-year NBA veteran (who has spent nearly three years in Philadelphia) later tweeted that he was a victim of a “TikTok trap.” Whatever the explanation, Harris’ initial musings on the subject left some people with a mustard-like taste in their mouths.

“T…tobi, do you just really like mustard or-,” a disgruntled commenter wondered.

“I think it’s a bad decision, but I still love you,” another fan consoled.

“What made you want to try it in the first place?” enquired a third commenter.

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! The Classic Cheesesteak

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “ultimate guide to the Philly cheesesteak,” the tried and true recipe is simple:

It is a sandwich made of thinly sliced beef — usually frozen chip steak — cooked on a griddle and served on a sliced roll with cheese and either “wit” or “witout” onions. The cheese is typically American cheese, provolone or melted Cheez Whiz. Fans of cheesesteaks sold by particular outlets — think Pat’s, Genos, Jim’s, or Tony Lukes — usually point to the meat or the source of the eatery’s bread as a reason for their loyalty.

. Mustard, on the other hand, was conspicuously absent from the list. Instead, popular condiments such as ketchup, peppers, and Sriracha were mentioned. On the one hand, Harris should be applauded for taking the less-traveled path. He’s always been a one-of-a-kind individual, and this is just another example of that.

On the other hand, there’s such a thing as messing with perfection, and Harris has come perilously close to doing so.


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