Simone Biles Boyfriend: What To Know About The NFL Player She’s Dating


Americans, in general, are fascinated by celebrities and their love lives. The paparazzi mostly flocks towards actors, musicians and reality TV stars, but for one reason or another, athletes seem to avoid that level of attention. Simone Biles, one of the best athletes in the world, has been dating an NFL player for about a year, but the majority of Americans have no clue. With the Summer Olympics coming up, let’s get to know more about The United States star gymnast’s boyfriend, Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens.

Simone Biles’ boyfriend, Jonathan Owens

While Biles is one of the most-beloved athletes in the United States, we doubt any of her fans adore he as much as Jonathan Owens does. Owens and Biles have been “Instagram official” since August of 2020 and haven’t shied away from posting pictures together since.

If you watch TV or use social media, it’s likely that you know about Biles and her gymnastics career. She’s one of the most dominant athletes in sports right now and makes headlines every time she competes.

The same can’t be said about her boyfriend, who is relatively unknown to the casual NFL fan. Owens signed with the Arizona Cardinals after going undrafted out of Missouri Western State. After an injury led to his release from the Cardinals, Owens spent some time on the Texans practice squad. In 2019 he was pulled up to the active roster for one game.

2020 was a big year for Owens. He met Biles and signed a two year deal with the Texans. His deal is worth up to $1,390,000 and he is under contract for the 2021 season. Owens only played 11 snaps in 2020, but one of them was a kick return for 26 yards.

Due to the small sample size, it’s tough to know how big of an impact Owens will have in 2021. One thing we do know is that he is very much winning off the field. He and Biles live with each other and appear to be very happy together.

What is the height difference between Biles and Owens?

Owens is by no means a giant, but at five-foot-eleven, he towers over the four-foot-eight Biles. Couples come in all shapes and sizes so the height differential doesn’t really matter, but it’s still interesting to note.

Although Biles is only four-foot-eight, her personality and star power adds at least a few inches to her height. Most guys at Owens height usually round up and say they are six-feet-tall, but there’s no need to do that when you’re in a happy relationship (or ever).

The age difference between Biles and her boyfriend

While the couple is distant in height, they are relatively close in age. Biles recently turned 24 and Owens will turn 26 in the coming months.

In celebrity relationships you see a wide range of age discrepancies, which don’t always matter, but Biles and Owens have hit a sweet spot at about 19 months in difference.

How much money has each made? What is Simone Biles net worth?

According to, Biles has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Gymnastics isn’t one of the more lucrative sports, but Biles has her fair share of endorsements. While she was with Nike for six years, she left the brand this year to team up with Athleta. In addition to her partnership with Athleta, Biles also has deals with Beats By Dre, Visa, Mattress Firm and Tide.

Simone Biles wins a gold medal at the Olympics.Simone Biles wins a gold medal at the Olympics.

(Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

It seems like Biles is getting more famous with every day that goes by. With that being said, we expect her net worth to climb for years to come.

While Owens hasn’t gotten much of an opportunity to make the big bucks yet, he has still made $1,591,645 in NFL contracts so far.

Biles’ story in Vogue

In the summer of 2020, Biles did a story with Vogue about overcoming abuse, being an African American woman in gymnastics, the postponement of the Olympics, and what it’s like to train during a pandemic.

The article detailed the abuse that Biles and other gymnasts suffered under the hands of former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar. In addition to speaking out against the abuse that she underwent, Biles wanted to know how Nassar was able to abuse so many girls without getting caught. Biles recognized that Nassar probably had enablers saying “We need to figure out why it happened, when it happened, and who knew what, when”

The United States women's olympic gymnastic team biting their gold medals.The United States women's olympic gymnastic team biting their gold medals.

(Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Biles also discussed the impact that the abuse had on her saying  “At one point I slept so much because, for me, it was the closest thing to death without harming myself. It was an escape from all of my thoughts, from the world, from what I was dealing with. It was a really dark time.”

While it was difficult for her, Biles knew that sharing her story would help other survivors feel more comfortable speaking out.

What’s next for Simone Biles

Right now Biles is gearing up for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. After absolutely dominating in 2016, Biles’ return to the Olympics has a similar feel to 2008 when Michael Phelps took home eight gold medals.

Simone Biles trains for the U.S. Championships.Simone Biles trains for the U.S. Championships.

(Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

The Tokyo Olympics begin July 23rd, just two days before her boyfriend’s birthday.

To learn more about Biles’ life, checkout her new show Simone vs. Herself premiering on Facebook Watch.


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