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Shaquille O’Neal Had Blunt Message For LeBron This Week

Legendary NBA big man Shaquille O’Neal didn’t hold back when responding to the comments made by LeBron James regarding all of the playoff injuries.

LeBron essentially blamed the rise in injuries this postseason on the NBA’s schedule. He believes the league started the 2020-21 season too quickly following the conclusion of the 2020 playoffs. The offseason was seriously condensed.

“They all didn’t wanna listen to me about the start of the season,” James said on Twitter. “I knew exactly what would happen.”

“These injuries isn’t just ‘PART OF THE GAME,’” he added. “It’s the lack of PURE RIM REST rest before starting back up.”

O’Neal, meanwhile, had a blunt response.

“When you’re living in a world where 40 million people have been laid off and I’m making $200 million, you won’t get no complaining from me,” the former Lakers star told CNBC on Tuesday. “I’d play back to back to back to back to back.”

O’Neal added that he wasn’t trying to personally disrespect LeBron, though he disagreed with his comments.

“I don’t complain and make excuses, because real people are working their tail off and all we gotta do is train two hours a day and then play a game for two hours at night and make a lot of money … So my thought process is a little different,” O’Neal said.

There has been an uptick in injuries this postseason, especially to star players. However, you will still find many who agree with O’Neal’s sentiment.

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