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Shailene Woodley Details How Aaron Rodgers Is Teaching Her Football

Shailene Woodley admits she doesn’t know much about football, but she’s currently learning from one of the best minds in the game. Engaged to reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, the actress is “slowly but surely” picking up on her future husband’s livelihood.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth MeyersWoodley explained her growing relationship with the game of football.

“I guess I haven’t felt any pressure to, but it’s exciting,” the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress said. “The Packers games are the only ones I find really interesting because I have people to actually root for.

“But it is a whole new world, learning all of the different — I still am always, ‘Oh, you scored a goal.’ He’s like, ‘It’s a touchdown.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘You crossed the line,’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a yard,’ or whatever,’” she admitted. “I still can’t get it right, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.”

After keeping their relationship under wraps for months, Rodgers finally announced his engagement to Woodley during his MVP acceptance speech back in February.

“When we announced that we were engaged, we wanted to do that only because we didn’t want someone else to do it before we did,” Woodley said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “And we didn’t do it for months and months after we had become engaged, but the reaction to it was really a lot, and so we were like, ‘Let’s just politely decline [to talk about the relationship] for a little while and live in our little bubble.’”

Just like Rodgers’ future in Green Bay, wedding plans for this couple are still unclear.

Whether it be with the Packers or another team, Woodley will get a chance to learn even more about the game as her fiancee embarks on his 17th NFL season.

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