Ryan Tannehill Has Honest Reaction To Blowout Loss vs. Cardinals


Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled to move the ball against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1, turning the ball over several times while scoring just two touchdowns in a 38-13 loss.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Tannehill admitted that the Titans’ early struggles made it hard for them to respond quickly enough to adjust. He acknowledged that starting faster will be “a challenge” moving forward.

“I think we kind of got hit in the mouth early,” Tannehill said via ProFootballTalk. “You go out and didn’t get the start that we wanted and we didn’t respond well. It took us four drives before we moved the ball. So that’s unacceptable. We have to be able to respond quickly. There’s going to be games where you come out and you don’t get the start you want, you go three-and-out. So what? You have to be able to reset and come out the next drive swinging and make a play.

“So that’ll be a challenge for us moving forward, is if things don’t go perfectly, things don’t go well early or at some point in the game, OK. Go to the sideline, make the adjustments and come out swinging on the next drive.”

Ryan Tannehill completed 60-percent of his passes against the Cardinals for 212 yards. He threw for one touchdown and ran in for another.

It was the turnovers that really halted the momentum though. He lost a fumble on the Titans’ second drive and threw an interception in the third quarter.

If it’s any comfort to Tannehill though, the Titans defense didn’t do great either. The Titans could barely stop Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray through the air or the ground. Murray had four touchdown passes and a rushing touchdown.

Tannehill and the Titans can’t dwell on their poor performance though. They have a huge game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday that could see them fall into an 0-2 hole if they don’t get back on track.


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