Ryan Fitzpatrick Reveals 1 Constant Throughout NFL Career


Veteran NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has never lacked in confidence. It’s a big reason why he’s had so much success throughout his football career.

Fitzpatrick signed with the Washington Football Team earlier this year. He joins a quarterback room full of youngsters – either by age or experience – like Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen. Fitzpatrick is hoping he can teach both to be confident in themselves, just like he’s been throughout his career.

“For me, as my career has gone on, and just with the experience factor and trying to help guys gain confidence. My career has been a roller coaster, but I have never lost my confidence,” Fitzpatrick said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “That’s why I’m still playing 17 years later, and that’s one of the lessons that I try to ooze confidence and hope it trickles down to those guys.”

Confidence is one of the most important traits a quarterback can have. Without it, a quarterback will fail. Though Fitzpatrick isn’t the most polished quarterback, his confidence has elevated what otherwise would be weaknesses.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, given the nickname “Fitzmagic,” spent the 2020 season with the Miami Dolphins. He went 4-3 with 2,091 yards and 13 touchdowns with eight interceptions before he was replaced by Tua Tagovailoa.

Fitzpatrick now joins Washington where he’s expected to be the starting quarterback for the duration of the 2021 season, barring an injury or setback.

If the veteran continues to play with confidence, WFT could have what it takes to challenge for a playoff spot in the NFC.


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