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Ryan Fitzpatrick Gives Telling Answer On His Situation In Washington

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played for nine NFL teams, with Washington being the latest one. Most of those teams were, at the time he was playing there, losing organizations.

But Washington presents him an opportunity he hasn’t had very often: a chance to win.

Fitzpatrick has twice-before signed with a team with the expectation he would be the starting quarterback. It happened in Houston and happened again in Miami. Neither proved to be very successful. Fitzpatrick went 6-6 as the Texans’ starter and 4-3 as the Dolphins’.

The 38-year-old now takes over a Washington team coming off a trip to the NFC Playoffs. Can “Fitzmagic” take the Washington Football Team back to the postseason? He’s confident he can.

Fitzpatrick revealed on Monday that Washington is the “best situation” he’s ever been in as a starting quarterback.

“This is the best situation I’ve ever been in or the best situation that I’ve ever gone into as the guy,” Fitzpatrick said on the ESPN Daily Podcast, via Pro Football Talk. “I signed to be the starter in Houston. I signed to be the starter in Miami, so this is now the third team that I’ve signed to come in and be the starter for. I just feel like the way that I’m playing the last four years, kind of the progression of my career, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense that 17 years in, physically, I feel great, mentally, emotionally. I’m in the right spot. I just think I am set up for success this year and really looking forward to it.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been through the NFL’s revolving door. Perhaps Washington will keep him around longer than a year or two. Regardless, Fitzpatrick is going to make the most of this moment.

The veteran quarterback has an opportunity to lead Washington as a starting quarterback. He’s not going to take it for granted.

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