Rob Gronkowski’s Response To Tom Brady Is Going Viral


Tom Brady may have made headlines for partying a little too hard during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ Super Bowl celebration, but nobody parties quite like Rob Gronkowski. And you can be sure Gronk made sure to remind everyone.

On Thursday, Brady had some fun with the Stanley Cup Twitter account, joking that “everything feels a bit lighter after some tequila“. Well, it didn’t take long for Gronkowski to give his two cents on what it’s like to be hammered.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Gronkowski quote tweeted Brady, declaring just how light everything feels when blacked out. “Everything feels like feathers when you’re blacked out,” Gronkowski wrote.

Tom Brady got so plastered at the Super Bowl celebration that he even threw the Lombardi Trophy to one of his teammates. Thankfully it was caught, but the trophy was reported dented from some of the damage.

But as someone who has turned partying into an art form, Rob Gronkowski was disappointed with Tom Brady. In a February interview, he admonished Brady for not partying hard enough.

“He should have been more wasted, actually,” Gronkowski said, via Insider. “I wish he got carried to hospital and got some IVs in him.”

Gronkowski has also made fun of Brady at other times for how soft he usually goes when drinking.

Who would you rather party with: Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady?


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