Rex Ryan gives his honest opinion on Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.


Zach Wilson, the rookie quarterback for the New York Jets, had a forgettable home debut. Against the New England Patriots, the No. 2 overall pick looked completely outmatched, and he went 0-2 as a starter in the NFL. Wilson had four interceptions by the end of the game, two of which came on his first two attempts. His first ten throws of the game resulted in all four of his turnovers. In his first game at MetLife Stadium, Wilson was booed by the home crowd as the Jets lost 25-6 to the Patriots. Some irritated fans began to wonder if it was time to end the rookie’s time as the team’s starting quarterback.

However, a slew of analysts, including Rex Ryan, rushed to Wilson’s aid. The former Jets head coach pleaded with the team’s fans to support their rookie instead of blaming the coaching staff for the team’s poor performance on Sunday. “He’s the most talented quarterback the Jets have had since Joe Namath.”

On Get Up Monday , Ryan said, “Mark it down, I’m telling you, it’s the truth.” “As a coach, you now have to look at the [game plan].”

Ryan mentioned that the Jets seemed to put a lot of pressure on Wilson on Sunday against one of the best defenses in the league. Rather than running the ball on the first few plays of the game, New York went straight to the quarterback, giving the rookie no time to settle in. Wilson, however, will need to improve his play over the next few weeks if he is to meet the high expectations set for him by Ryan and others. The Jets aren’t expected to compete in 2021, but they’ll want to see their young quarterback make progress and prove that he was worth the second overall pick. 004



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