Rex Ryan Announces He’s ‘Done’ With 1 Notable Quarterback


Former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has never been afraid to say what’s on his mind. During this Tuesday’s edition of Get Up on ESPN, he revealed which NFL quarterback he’s officially done with.

It turns out Ryan is done sticking up for New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. The 2021 season is still really young, but Ryan is convinced Jones’ turnover issues won’t go away.

“The big mollies that Gettleman told me about three or four years ago, they’re not there. They average 2.6 yards per carry, and yes, I got to admit, my guy still can’t protect the football,” Ryan said. “I’m done with it Daniel Jones, just like I was done with Mark Sanchez at some point.”

That subtle jab at Mark Sanchez was unwarranted, but Ryan clearly wanted to make a joke about his tenure with the Jets.

Ryan also brought up that Jones ranks 34th in QBR in his last 15 games. That’s a really brutal statistic for the third-year quarterback out of Duke.

The Giants received a ton of criticism for taking Jones with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. So far, the Duke product hasn’t proven that he can be a franchise quarterback.

Jones will have a chance to get this season on the right track for the Giants this Thursday, as they’ll host the Washington Football Team in an NFC East showdown.


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