Report: Warriors Have Discussed Potential Trade Offer For Damian Lillard


Believe it or not, the Golden State Warriors have discussed the idea of orchestrating a blockbuster trade for NBA superstar Damian Lillard (were he to become available), according to a report.

The Warriors have built their championship foundation on elite shooters. You could argue Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, when healthy, are the two best three-point shooters in the NBA. And, of course, you’d have to throw Lillard into that conversation.

Lillard was sensational during the Trail Blazers’ brief NBA Playoffs appearance. But, as has been the case these past few years, Portland’s surrounding cast wasted Lillard’s absurd postseason performance. Now 30 years old, the NBA superstar may want an opportunity to play for an actual contender. Throw the Warriors into the mix.

Though Lillard is still on contract with Portland, some believe both he and the Trail Blazers would be wise to consider a trade. And according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Golden State has already been discussing a potential offer.

“Would the Warriors get involved? Yes,” Slater wrote. “They’d make a call and have already internally discussed the idea, as I’m sure most contenders have, considering the rising smoke out of Portland.

“Their theoretical offer would be competitive. If the Blazers decided to trade Lillard, a complete rebuild seems like the wisest path and there aren’t many better rebuilding trade packages dangling out there right now than James Wiseman, the seventh and 14th pick in the upcoming draft, plus more future firsts, attached to Andrew Wiggins as salary match filler. The [Oklahoma City] Thunder and other teams may have a more appealing basket of picks, but why would they spend them on a star on the wrong side of 30?”

Let’s be honest. The Trail Blazers aren’t going to trade Damian Lillard unless he refuses to play. There’d be no incentive to ship him elsewhere with a full rebuild on the horizon. But that won’t stop the Warriors from preparing, just in case.

Could you imagine Lillard playing next to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson? It’d be the best shooting trio in the history of the NBA.

The Warriors would without a doubt be the favorite to win next year’s NBA championship if they can somehow land Lillard this off-season. It’s probably too tall a task, though.

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